Max Hazelton Aero Centre

mhacairsideNamed after Club Patron and pioneering identity, Max Hazelton, this multi-purpose facility was constructed late 2012 and early 2013, by club members and Orange City Council staff, with professional contractors providing specialised services.

A unique arrangement with the Council, enabled the project to be fast-tracked. The Council needed to construct a new terminal building, which necessitated providing a temporary terminal for Regional Express passengers, (and passengers of the now defunct Brindabella Airlines), during the construction phase. The arrangement allowed the MHAC to be constructed much earlier than would have otherwise been possible, and the Council was then able to use it as a temporary terminal, saving the cost of building other temporary terminal facilities. This represented a very substantial win for all parties, including Orange ratepayers.

MHACLandsideAlthough there are a few minor issues to be sorted, essentially the building is back in the Orange Aero Club's control. We've had a number of smaller functions such as club BBQs, meetings and training courses, and we've hosted Australia's Biggest Morning Tea in late June. This function attracted a lot of visitors, both flying in and coming by road.

Currently, we are working to set up display areas with Hazelton memorabilia, and working to equip the building to make it available for hire for functions.

Meanwhile, club members are now responsible for the maintenance of the lawns and surrounds, for the regular cleaning of the Aero Medical Facility, and providing a welcoming presence to visitors, especially on weekends. If you are able to assist with these tasks, please building coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Incorporated into the western wing of the MHAC is a dedicated Aero Medical Facility, where patients can be transferred between air and road ambulance services in much more comfort than has been the case in the past. The facility also affords crews comfort and protection when waiting for an exchange to take place. 



Construction of the Max Hazelton Aero Centre