Pilot of The Year - 2019.

Luke pilot certRound one of the recreational division has been completed, and as current champ (for the last 3 years!) Luke Kelly won't be competing this year, the field is wide open for a new Pilot of the Year 2019! Unfortunately, there's been little interest in the GA Division over the past few years, but all is not lost! All it takes is half a dozen people to tell the committee they want the comp to continue, and it can be arranged.

As always, the emphasis is on practising some of the basic skills (that we should all do, but often don't!) under the watchful eye of an instructor, who can provide feedback to assist you. The competition aspect is just a bit of fun for those who like it, but definately not the primary reason.

The pic at right shows Luke when he was a little younger. Right now he's completed his final interview for a cadetship with Regional Express, and nervously awaiting the outcome. Best of luck Luke!