Re-fuelling Activities

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A major source of income for the club is the operation of Jet A-1 and Avgas fuelling facilities on behalf of Aero Refuellers of Albury.

The club has been operating the Jet A1 fuel tanker at Orange since mid January 2015, and more recently started operating an Avgas tanker, as an interim measure until the fixed Avgas facility is built. The 9000 litre Jet A-1 tanker is supported by a 25,000 litre road transporter parked at the airport, and this will be replaced by a fixed bulk storage tank in the new facility.

The requirements for jet fuel at Orange increased dramatically with the start of Corporate Air's service between Brisbane and Orange. This service operates a SAAB 340, and takes 800-1000 litres each weekday, and this will nearly double when the company commences their Melbourne run in October 2017!

Together, the five trained refuellers have fuelled  a variety of turbine and turboprop aircraft, the biggest of which was a Qantas Boeing 717 and an Alliance Fokker 100. The Fokker took nearly 6000 litres in one fuelling! The smallest uplift has been 50 litres in a Bell Jetranger helicopter, which just needed enough to get home to Mudgee.

Other fixed wing types include Rex SAAB 340, Beech 200 Super King Air of the NSW Ambulance/Royal Flying Doctor Service, Cessna Citations, a Polair Grand Caravan, Piper Meridian, Pilatus PC12. Helicopters include HMAS Albatross' MRH 90, Careflight's BK117 and Bell 412, a couple of very nice Agusta 109s, Eurocopter Squirrels and a couple of Hueys. The TOLL Rescue Base at the airport has it's own fuel supply, but we sometimes provide fuel for other TOLL AW139 Rescue choppers. One of our most consistent users is the Citation CJ3 operated by Pybar Mining and hangared at Orange.

The club gets paid a weekly retainer and a fee per refuelling, which goes to fund the operation of the MHAC and the Aero Medical Centre.