Junior Members' Training Program

A very successful training program for students from Years 7,8 & 9 from local high schools ran for two months in the first half of 2017.

Friday 30 June was the final night, which took the form of a BBQ for the participants and their families, then each of the kids presented a project they'd been working on to the assembled company, and were then themselves presented with a Cerificate of Achievement.

The aim of the course was to foster and encourage young people with an interest in some aspect of aviation, by providing them with a basic overview of some aviation topics. These included:

  • Airframes
  • Operation of Controls
  • Forces on an aircraft in flight
  • Airport safety
  • Engines and systems
  • Communications
  • Navigation Techniques
  • Time and Time Zones
  • Meteorology and Cloud types

The group also enjoyed a visit to the new TOLL rescue base, took a flight in a Jabiru aircraft and had some fun with some outdoor navigation exercises.

The photos 001 to 024 below of the Presentation Night were kindly provided by club member Jayden Liang.