Scouts' Air Activity Weekend

Overnight thunderstorms in Orange which sogged in the mountains and caused heavy rain & high winds at Camden, meant that the Scouts' three Cessna 172 aircraft couldn't get through to Orange on Saturday.

Nevertheless, the 60 or so cubs & scouts from Orange, Dubbo and Mudgee seemed to enjoy their time, and maybe even learn a bit, even though they didn't get to fly.

Club Members Adam & his nephew Nathan, Mark Bessen, Paul and the two Kens were able to show the kids in groups around the airport, and they were able to look over the Citation Jet and Toll's Rescue Helicopter, as well as gain an appreciation of how both fixed wing and helicopters fly. A big thanks to Dan, crewman from Toll, who spent a lot of much appreciated quality time with the kids, and all at no notice. He obviously sparked a lot of interest, and fielded some very pertinent and relevant questions.

Back at the clubhouse, one of the Scout pilots who drove from his home in the mountains, gave an illustrated talk centred around the Cub & Scout Air Activities badge requirements, before they all enjoyed lunch.

As the flying component couldn't happen, the Saturday group broke up earlier than planned.

By contrast, Sunday was near perfect! The 3 planes arrived on time - different group of kids & parents, and another full safety brief. Planes were running pretty much all day, and around 70 kids took to the air, as well as participation in some Scout badge work and a guided tour of the airport much the same as the previous day.

The local organisers and the crew from Camden were all very appreciative of the Aero Club for providing our facilities. Thanks again to Adam & Nathan, Pete Reid, Brownie & Ken P for their efforts on behalf of Central West Scouts. Check out the CWD coverage and the photos below. The first ten pics courtesy Scout Leader Nick Goeghegan.