Orange Aero Club welcomes applications for membership from anyone with an interest in aviation, and who subscribes to the Aims of the Club.

There are three classes of membership - Full (Pilot) at $90 per year, Associate at $45 per year and Junior at $30 per year. The Club year runs from 1 July to 30 June, and new members joining after 31 March in any year will remain financial to 30 June of the following year. Payment can be made by EFT with the application, or an invoice can be emailed after the Management Committee has approved the application.

Junior Membership is available to individual persons up to the age of 18 years regardless of their status as a pilot. Junior members are expected to upgrade to Full or Associate membership when renewing after turning 18 years of age. Junior Membership requires parental consent, and by entering your name in the appropriate field (shown on selecting Junior Membership), you are giving your consent.

Club access is by personal security code, please nominate your preferred five digit code on the form. If you hold an ASIC, please provide the number on the form. An ASIC is required for airside access using your personal security code.

If you prefer, you can download and print a Membership Application, then mail it or pass it on to a Committee Member

Please read the Club's Privacy Policy before completing your application.

By clicking "SUBMIT" on the application form,you are applying for membership of the Orange Aero Club Inc., and agree to the club collecting, holding and disclosing your personal information, including photographs, for the purposes of communication and promotion of club activities, in accordance with the Club's Privacy Policy.

Page updated 19/08/2023

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I, parent of the above applicant, consent to my son/daughter becoming a Junior Member of the Orange Aero Club Incorporated. I understand that, except in the case of a qualified pilot, before he/she may take part in any activity involving flight in a light aircraft, a separate Authority and Indemnity Form must be signed by both parents, and endorsed by a current financial pilot member. I further agree to the collection, use and disclosure of his/her personal information in accordance with the club's Privacy Policy, as published from time to time on the club's website.*
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