Privacy Policy

Orange Aero Club Inc is bound by the National Privacy Principles embodied in the Commonwealth

Privacy Act 1988 as amended, and makes the following undertaking:

1 Information collected by way of this application will be used or disclosed solely for the administration, advertising and promotion of the club and its stated objects, viz:

a) To promote the interests of General Aviation including recreational flying, training and aircraft ownership; and

b) To undertake such activities as will promote such interests; and

c) To associate with other organisations whose aims and interests are similar to those of this association.

2. Information may also be disclosed where required by law.

3. Other information relevant to the club, and related to records of attendance, flying activity, training, useful skills, membership status may be collected from time to time.

4. Information will be held in a computer database, and may be transmitted to other members electronically, or in printed format by conventional means.

5. Personal information disclosed in reports, advertising and promotional material will be limited to names, photographs and information relevant to the activity promoted. Such material may be displayed in print form, or on radio, television or the internet.

6. Any member's records held are available for inspection by the member on request, and the club undertakes to promptly amend any incorrect information it has collected.

7. The club undertakes to destroy or de-identify all information relating to a member after a period of three years from the termination of membership.