Training Night 26 November 2019

The switch to mid week for the training seems to have been a popular one, given that 17 people attended.

Dave Beattie from Ward Air was the instructor, and on this occasion the topic was an overview of the steps involved in planning a cross country flight. Dave emphasised that the planning starts well in advance of the actual flight, a kind of "pre-Pre Flight" phase, followed by Pre Flight, Start Up & Departure, En-Route, Arrival and Post flight actions.

In the space of about two hours, it would be impossible to cover these steps in detail, so the whole exercise was an overview, with the details of each step to be covered in future sessions.

As it happened, the weather on the day would have precluded any VFR flights, with the visibility down to about a kilometre due to the dust (see photos). A great illustration of just one of the things that might cause a major plan revision!

As Murphy's Law (or Sod's Law in the UK) says - If something can possibly go wrong, it will!