Club Members at work

We're Anyone and Everyone!

Anyone and everyone who has an interest in aviation. It doesn't matter whether you're a fixed or rotary-wing pilot, or a non-pilot.

Aircraft owners, parachutists, aero modellers or someone who has a technical or social interest in any aspect of aviation, you're welcome at Orange Aero Club!

There are three categories of membership - Full, Associate and Junior.

To become a Full Member, the applicant must be a pilot or ex-pilot, including student  pilots. The membership fee is currently $90 per year, and the club year runs from July, to June the following year. Only Full Members are eligible for election to executive positions on the Committee of Management.

Associate Members, at $45 per year, are non-pilot members, often partners of a Full Member, and Junior Members are those under 18 years at the start of the club year.

Junior members are expected to take out full or associate memberships following the club year in which they turn 18. Junior membership is currently $30 per year.

If you would like to become part of the Orange Aero Club, please fill out the Online Application, or complete and submit an Application for Membership.

Page updated 15/11/19