oac reformsAs mentioned under "History" on the public pages, the present generation of the club was the result of a public meeting at the Victoria Hotel in Orange on Tuesday 17 March 1998, which elected a steering committee to re-establish the Orange Aero Club. 

Over the ensuing few month, a lot of work went on behind the scenes. Wade Mahlo of WadeAir very kindly made one of his buildings available for use by the club, but it required some work to make the club house presentable and functional. A working bee was held on Sunday 29 March to do just that, and while there's no record of those attending, a great deal was accomplished.

One of the early considerations was acquiring a club aircraft, and one of the possibilities being looked at was a Piper Warrior, pictured at right, although this didn't eventuate.

The steering committee presented their report to a meeting held at the Orange Botanic Gardens on Wednesday 10 June 1998, at which the first Committee of Management was elected. The principal Executives were Bob Nash as President, Peter Grey as Secretary and Gavin Cook as Treasurer.

During the subsequent months the first three rounds of the flying competition were held, and discussions progressed towards the purchase of a club plane, and the raising of the necessary funds to achieve this.

The next meeting of which records are held was a Committee Meeting at Orange City Council Chambers on Thursday 5 November 1998, which approved the purchase of Cessna 172F VH-ARK, then subsequently another committee meeting, this time at the club house, on 19 November 1998.